How does the boot camp class work?

You & your dog go through different exercises & keep moving to give your entire body a great workout. Your dog is leashed to you throughout the class as you go through circuits & drills together.

How long does the class last?

Each class is one hour, 5 minutes for check in & then a 55 minute workout.

What should I bring to class?

  • Bring 1 friendly & well-behaved dog per person
  • Yoga mat 
  • Water for you & your dog
  • 6 foot leash (Non-retractable, hands-free highly recommended)
  • Poop bags
  • A SMILE!

Do I need to be in great shape to join in?

Of course not! Class is geared to people & dogs of all fitness levels. We show exercise modifications to make the workout easier or harder depending on you & your dog’s needs and goals.

How are the classes structured?

During the boot camp classes, we start off with a dynamic warm-up to get you &  your dog moving. This is followed by 20 minutes of interval training. We walk/jog/run with our dogs (you decide your intensity level) while doing agility moves like jumping hurdles. This is alternated with bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, burpees, etc. Next is strength training using bands, kettlebells & other equipment. We finish up with core work, stretching, & cool down.

I like to add in games & contests to keep it fun!

Is this a dog training class?

No, this is an exercise-based class. Dogs need to know sit, down, stay, be good leash walkers & be non-aggressive. If your dog needs help, group, & private dog training is available through Noble Beast Dog Training, 303-500-7988




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